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Leather Care

Caring for your leather furniture

Leather is a natural product and requires specialized care. We know leather is expensive and owning leather furniture is an asset of a lifetime. We should always remember that leather is the hide or skin of an animal and it behaves exactly the same way as our own skin. As our skin ages so is leather. In order to keep our skin looking young and supple, we use a lot of creams, lotions and moisturizers. Likewise, we need to take care of our leather furniture to prevent it from ageing. A few safety tips and guidelines to care for your leather furniture are suggested below.

  • Never wipe your leather furniture with any harsh chemical. Use only recommended leather products.
  • Leather is susceptible to drying over time. A good leather conditioner softens the leather and prevents it from drying out. Some leather conditioners also act as a waterproofing agent.
  • Exposure to natural elements causes damage to the leather. Heat and Sun can dry out the leather and cause it to crack while dampness can cause staining and colour distortion. There are a few products that can weatherproof your leather furniture. Beeswax is one of them which is a natural product however it can damage dyed leather. If leather is dyed then a weatherproof spray protectant is ideal. The protectant will keep your furniture safe from liquid spills.
  • Make sure that your leather is properly aired. If leather is kept airtight in the moist condition it will encourage it the growth of mould and fungus. Hence leather furniture should always be kept in well-aired rooms.
  • Heat should never be used on leather. In order to dry up, liquid spills never use any hair dryer or any heater as it will damage the leather permanently.
  • Dry cleaners are often well equipped to repair and clean damaged leather products however the job should be entrusted to those cleaners who have expertise in leather handling.
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