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About Us

Alamenti - A brief introduction

We are a family run business. Our goal is to make comfortable, stylish, quality sofas that will last for years to come. We control the manufacturing process from start to finish at our state-of-the-art factory in West Bengal, India.

Our uniqueness

From the processes of treating the hide to the last stitch on the sofa, everything is done under one roof. As a result of which we surpass customer expectations by using innovative technology, modern and automated machinery with a highly skilled workforce in an environment friendly infrastructure. We are continuously evolving and ever receptive to new ideas of management & technology. Hence we are constantly raising the standards of quality and efficiency. Almost every type of product is put through the most stringent tests that exist in the industry such as innumerable quality checks and impact testing for sofas.

Our specialty

Cutting-edge technology and hand craftsmanship come together to deliver products that are comfortable, functionally flawless and yet built to last the rigors of daily life for years to come. Our designs range from classics to modern, with something for everyone. Thoughtfully designed, timeless and versatile, our collections are designed to outlive trends and evolve with your changing style. Attention to detail is everything. We debate the intricate details that make a product iconic and create exceptional pieces for everyday life .Every sofa comes with a wide variety of choicest upholstery.

We provide a wide range of colors to our customers to choose from. This feature is something that makes us unique. The designs on the leather are varied to suit customer moods and preferences. We take care of customer’s budget as well and provide a wide variety of options in terms of leather quality. Customers have the option of going for a full leather sofa. The other option is to go for a sofa with leather in touch area and matching vinyl in non touch area. These options varies the price. Hence leather sofas become affordable for all.

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